Introducing Biodegradable Bamboo Straws - Ditch soggy paper straws and stop using harmful plastics!

Bamboo Drinking Straws (5,000 pcs)

*New Shipment on the way - Inquire for bulk orders*

Our biodegradable single use Bamboo Straws are made from natural bamboo plant fibers. Current solutions like paper, straw, and hay straws all have durability and quality issues which we've solved with this new revolution in the straw industry. Our bamboo straws are resilient in liquids for hours, have no flavor, and are naturally textured giving them a durable feel both in your hand and while drinking.

Dimensions: 6mm Wide x 21cm Long

*Note - these straws are also available in "Boba" size - 12mm perfect for smoothies and drinking Boba - Send us an email for more information on availability and pricing.

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